single-track options

The single-track on Riverlea has been specifically constructed for the Mountain Biker and Trail Runner.
Bridges over fences and streams ensure that the athlete would not have to dismount or pause to negotiate obstacles. A variety of loops and turn-offs together with the direct connection into the Sani Spoor’s trails allow the athletes to cover distances of between 3km and 60km without ever repeating their tracks.

All the trails are well marked and maintained to ensure the safety and convenience of the athletes. Private links into the trails mean that guests can literally ride off the front lawns of their accommodation onto the track.

On the Sani Spoors section of the course one finds the Duck & Spoors, a local restaurant, where one can stop for a coffee or bite to eat or where friends/family could wait while the athletes complete their exercise. There are shower facilities at the Duck & Spoors so athletes can choose to end their session there and have a meal afterwards.

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